General Resources

This page contains information and links to some resources that may be helpful for Academic Advisors.

Pre-Law Information

Do you have students interested in Law School? If so, this Pre-Law Resource Page can help you guide those students in the right direction.

Advising Syllabi

IlliAAC has collected a number of Advising Syllabi from units across campus. If your unit or department would like to be included.

IlliAAC Snack Byte Presentations

Snack Bytes are short presentation/discussions about various topics, opportunities, groups, etc. on campus. Please use the link below to see our current inventory of snack byte presentations.

IlliAAC General Meeting Presentations

Our monthly meetings often include presentations from various units across campus.  We aim to provide our members with access to these important information sources. Please use the link below to see our current inventory of presentations.

IlliAAC Annual Conference Presentations

The annual IlliAAC conference brings together the campus advising community for a day of presentations, learning, networking and fun.