Caring for the Caregiver: A Hero’s Guide to Wellness

Presenters: Hollie Heintz, Jen Heinold, Teri Farr, & Sarah Gardiner
NCSA 1122
10:45 – 11:35 AM

Description: Please join the members of the C.A.R.E (Creating a Restorative Environment) Committee from the Campus Center for Advising & Academic Services for a fun conversation about ways to engage, encourage, rejuvenate, energize, and inspire your fellow advisors and colleagues, and yourself! Actively caring for our staff through this committee’s collaboration over the last several years has resulted in more resilient, creative, flexible, energetic professionals who are then more committed to supporting each other and the goals of our unit. You will leave with a list of ideas you can easily implement for a big impact on your office morale.

Learning Outcomes: •learn about connection between office morale/wellness and performance, job satisfaction, perseverance •learn about ways to engage your staff, colleagues in activities/events/ideas the support wellness •learn to collaborate outside your office around wellness initiatives, what wellness opportunities the university offers •leave with easy, big impact activity/event plans to build and maintain your own and colleagues’ morale.