I Promise: A Campus Pledge of Support

Presenter: Sarah Watson
NCSA 1040
9:50 – 10:40 a.m.

Description: Every year, Illinois Promise welcomes to campus a diverse cohort of new students who have extremely limited financial resources, many of whom identify as first generation. IPromise dollars get these students in the door and the campus community then plays an integral role in ensuring their success. Hear from I-Promise Scholars who will share their personal experiences and the unique challenges they face while navigating an Illinois education. Learn more about our efforts at assisting students through their journey and the ways in which you can play a part, too. No doubt, you will be inspired by these resilient young heroes.

Learning Outcomes: •Participants will gain a better understanding of the Illinois Promise award package and student support structure. •Participants will increase awareness of the I-Promise student experience by hearing first-hand from student volunteers. •Participants will feel better equipped to support Illinois Promise recipients through their advising relationships. •Participants will feel inspired to think creatively about the ways in which their units or organizations might work collaboratively with I-Promise to enhance the I-Promise student experience.