2021–2022 IlliAAC Officers

We are pleased to announce the Executive Board of IlliAAC for 2021–2022.

Amira Al-Mutairi, Gies College of Business

Outgoing Chair
Kristine McCoskey, Scholar Support Programs

Incoming Chair
Henry Craft, International Student & Scholar Services

Amy Wolff, College of Media

Jennie Avery, International Student & Scholar Services

Tosha Bilsbury, Department of Economics
Amy Wolff, College of Media

Professional Development
Amanda Morley, Division of General Studies
Aaron Surratt, School of Social Work

Illinois Graduate Professionals (iGPA) Liaison
Katelyn Talbott, iSchool

Shanicka Burdine, Scholar Support Programs
Clare Pratt, Office of Minority Student Affairs

Student Affairs Liaison
Scarlette Briones, International Student & Scholar Services
Andy Hinnant, Illinois Abroad & Global Exchange

Awards Coordinator
Aurora Cruz Torres, Molecular & Cellular Biology (LAS)

Tony Torres, iSchool