2015 Conference Presentations

2015 IlliAAC Conference Booklet

Turn Transfer Shock into Transfer Success
Presenters: Moises Orozco & Kristy Valentin
Description: Transfer students arrive to four-year institutions with high academic and career aspirations, but many undergo academic and social hurdles that shock their successful transition, primarily in their first semester. To turn transfer shock into transfer success, there are several innovative strategies that advisors can apply to support transfer students transition across a variety of disciplines on campus. This presentation will reveal themes generated from first semester transfer students’ self-reflection assignment on first impressions and highlight college-level advising practices used to support transfer students. Participants will also be invited to share how they support transfer students along their academic journey.

Identifying and Nurturing Potential Prestigious Scholars
Presenters: Richelle Bernazzoli & David Schug
Description: Nurturing successful scholarship applicants is a group investment with outcomes that benefit the students, your department, and the university as a whole. Our staff specializes in advising high-achieving students on prestigious scholarships, but we rely on academic advisors as key partners in recruiting and urging them to apply. Our presentation will discuss the sorts of candidates those programs seek, and how advisors can recognize and encourage the key characteristics, interests, and experiences their advisees need to be strong applicants. We will also discuss how these scholarship programs encourage diversity, and how we, on campus, can help to fulfill that mission.

The (OO)7 highly effective academic advising strategies of Bond, James Bond
Presenter: Julian Parrott
Description: We are all familiar with Stephen Covey’s The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, this presentation explores the less well known but equally highly effective advising strategies of James Bond. A quarter of the world’s population is aware of James Bond but his influence on advising has been somewhat neglected. The presentation will use humor and insight to examine advising, advisors, and advisees through the lens of the Bond movies and Bond’s influence on society. The presentation, ideal for newer advisors, will illustrate interesting perspectives in approaching the art and craft of advising.

Online Appointment Scheduling for Advising
Presenters: Barbara Anderson, Trent Nelson, & Karin Readel
Description: Are you interested in having students schedule appointments online? In this presentation, we’ll demonstrate three different online scheduling systems including, Undergrad Recs, Aquity Scheduling, and Google Docs. Learn about your options and the pros and cons of online scheduling.

Revealing Microaggressions in Advising
Presenters: Micah Heumann & Stacy Harwood
Description: This presentation will introduce academic advisors to the concept of racial microaggressions and racial campus climate. The presenters will explain how racial microaggressions shape the student-academic adviser relationship. Through the eyes of students of color, the presenters will describe examples of racial microaggressions in routine academic advising situations (course selection, declaring a major, changing majors, dropping classes, difficulty with courses, academic probation). This presentation draws from an on-line survey about racial microaggressions at the University of Illinois (Urbana campus). Approximately 45% or 4,500 domestic students of color attending the Urbana campus during the 2011-2012 year completed the survey.

A NISE Idea: Communication and Practice
Presenters: Amira Al-Mutairi, Briaunna Antoine, Jennifer Avery
Description: Each fall thousands of new international students arrive to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. In order to make their transition to life at Illinois a positive experience, ISSS created NISE – the New International Student Experience. While developing NISE, ISSS quickly understood the importance of sharing new developments with other campus units, and began a campaign to disseminate information about NISE across campus, thereby facing the challenges of a decentralized university head-on. We will detail the impetus for our communication efforts and changes to different aspects of the New International Student Experience efforts, including the O’Hare –University of Illinois Shuttle Service and Orientation with the goal of raising awareness across campus to improve the overall experience for our international student population.

GLOBE – Global Leaders Orange and Blue Engagement
Presenters: Lily Huang & Yun Shi
Description: GLOBE is a new program that started Spring 2015 and we’re looking to expand! The goal of GLOBE is provide opportunities for domestic and international students to network and develop leadership skills, and “help all students develop global awareness and cultural competency,” as outlined in the strategic plan of the University of Illinois. Come learn about our first year and opportunities to collaborate!